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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Mod here

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

From what we hear, he was a bully in high school. Not much changes.

 Anonymous said...
I have given this a lot of thought because I have been very troubled by it...I can say this, our Sheriff is acting like a high school bully. Bullying is a real problem in our high school, but what Jonese did to Donna by exposing her gesture on facebook is the same thing, only in adult format. I had respect for him, but I have now lost that. He is not acting like someone should be acting in his postion of Sheriff. He should have stepped up and admitted what he did, not try get out of it by not answering simple questions. I have a feeling that Donna's "friends" Corey and Robin couldn't wait to run to Jonese and tell him to watch that footage and see what Donna did. So much drama, and again, so high school. I think Martin Saffer is a very well spoken, intelligent man. David Fleming, as well, very well spoken and a kind hearted man it appears. Its no wonder people in this county are in so much trouble...we have some serious problems here. We need some adults to step up and stop all this ridiculous behavior, and we need it done soon.
November 21, 2012 9:56 PM

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Someone is irate with the Yellow Tailed Cult!

 Anonymous said...
Where oh where is the Coward Cult???? Your fearless leader cowardly bowed out of answering the bell! I thought you jackasses would be here defending him! I guess you are over on topix crying about how the big bad commentator and the big bad county commission are picking on Chief Yellow Tail! You are ALL cowards! You don't deserve any respect! You are worthless! Cole's old lady and Dreama and all of you have proven that you are cowards! Kathy's old dried up bag aunt ain't even present to bawl and whine! You are all a joke! Pathetic!

November 21, 2012 9:28 PM
It is time to answer the bell! Be accountable! You guys have been whining about The Commentator and calling us liars for years now! It's time to man up and admit that you and your leader may be in some serious trouble! Unfortunately for you, The Commentator aren't the only ones on your tail! The Sheriff's bosses are upset too!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I have heard.

Hey gang, just an update on my post dated sept 24 '12 titled "Expect....": It has been told to me from insider within the sheriff's office itself that our most recently identified sex fiend indicted on 57 sexual crimes is "cooperating fully" with the investigators poking around the sheriff's dept.

We can only assume that the news broken by Norman about the seizure of sheriff dept computers and Totten talking to the investigators is more than just crazy happenstance. I was told to not expect anything extraordinary forthcoming from the local media but to also not to be surprised if others within the dept going down on "other crimes" and the source even hinted at possible a sex ring involving MANY. Take it for what it is for the time being: Hearsay.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Some pretty interesting news soon....

Attention Arbowail!

Check your gmail please. You have an invite.

We have a winner!

Rest assured there are beads of sweat forming on the heads of several people in the Sheriffs office and those they were communicating to. Someone asked if they were dumb enough to have used the office computers. Look at the people were talking about again.Look at their past deeds and there should Be no question in your mind if they are that stupid. Yes they have JL and Totton but there are more who have committed crimes and all are not in this department but in others and in the Judaical system . I would however like to let certain people know the public is yucking it up all over the place the ,we find fair play much more amusing than you seem to.Also we are starting to see hope that the people here no longer have to fear selected deputies , or being arrested for speaking out in public , or face certain conviction from 1 magistrate or hide their underr age daughters from the cops ,or there being so many mystery suicides from men who had just won elections or beat having cancer. on Wouldn't This Be interesting reading....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A severe lack of trolls!

Apparently when a lot of people started replying to the threads regarding the great high sheriff David Jonese and his band of baboons, his cronies (and let's not forget my favorite: Kathy's aunt Della) quit trying to post on the good ol' Commentator! Please come back and grace us with your intelligence! We miss you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How does it make you feel that....

.......the sheriff's department spends more time reading The Pocahontas Commentator than actually going after the bad guys distributing more drugs than Rite Aid? Your tax dollars at work!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A letter to the editor (pt II)

Page (2 of 2)

Magistrate Beverage's and Ms. Pamela Pritt's fear really does complete the circle of the police state implemented successfully by Jonese and his Goon Squad.

I never really wanted this letter to get this long but it has and I have no intention of stopping now. As I had said, I am 67. I gave serious thought over the past several months and actually, years as to whether I should have come forward, identified myself and speak up. Being 67 though, I figured I have little to lose. I'm rather long in the tooth to shy away because of my fears. My kids are grown and away from here so, there's little chance that my letter will effect them. That leaves just me and I would suppose that just simply writing this and submitting to any media source will place a bulls-eye on my back regardless.

I'm not scared though. I learned a long time ago that the only way to deal with a bully (or bullies in this case) is to stand up and hit them right in the mouth. That is what I am doing. Standing up and smacking Chief Jonese squarely in the teeth. What is the most he can do? Fabricate a charge against me? A 67 year old veteran? Sure thing bucko, take your best shot!

Not to get off on a tangent though; Most recently there were two incidents that caught my attention that simply made me sick. Mr. McNally's treatment because he committed the unforgivable crime of asking for an unbiased magistrate and Norman Alderman's arrest apparently in front of the Pocahontas Times office because he has expressed his rights through blogs and websites.

Let's begin with the former: Mr. McNally. Apparently, this gentleman had an issue with one of Chief Jonese's deputies. From what I have read on Mr. Alderman's blog and watched as well; Mr. McNally was charged with a moving violation. This type of charge is typically taken care of with a simple ticket. The "offender" has a right to accept that ticket or challenge it. He will be found guilty or not guilty. Lest we forget though friends: This is Pocahontas County; a police state.

Mr. McNally's challenge was taken personally by Ms. Beverage and naturally her puppet master Dave Jonese. Mr. McNally was apparently placed on bond (please correct me if I'm wrong) thus subjecting him to having his constitutional rights voided. His home is subject to search and seizure at anytime the Gestapo  sheriff's office chooses. Friends, this was a simple moving violation! This is what happens when you challenge a police state! I suspect though that Mr. McNally's relationship with Norman Alderman is a driving point.

Which leads me to my next topic of interest: Mr. Norman Alderman. I can't recall the date exactly but, I'm sure it was within the past three years when Mr. Alderman was arrested for the aforementioned offense of simply questioning the residency of a public servant/county official. What really surprised me though was that the sheriff's office was not smart enough to separate Higher Ground's fictional story (satire) with reality. Let's just get this out there: I have read and participated in many blogs and websites/forums over the past several years. Beautiful Pocahontas, Etater, Ptater, Martin Saffer, The Pocahontas Commentator, etc, etc. Now, I am not a highly intelligent man but even I was smart enough to know the difference between what Higher Ground posted and  Mr. Alderman asking a simple question.

To top it all off, the ignorant and frankly; stupid sheriff's office jumped at the chance to punish a private citizen because over the years he had simply exercised his constitutional rights, his civil rights. Folks, again; this is a police state's function. It's cut and dry.

The cherry on top of that late night cake was the sheriff's investigating officer sending two deputies (one of which a pedophile and current resident of TVRJ) to a private residence 50 miles north to the alleged administrator's house. The lead investigator sent those two officers of course without a search warrant. Folks, again; Police State! Are we seeing a pattern here?

The intent of this letter was not to bash or take sides with anyone. It was to simply point out that we are living in a dangerous time right now. The biggest danger is in fact the ones that are supposed to protect us. There is one more intent and more important reason; I am asking for Chief, sheriff, Jonese to resign his post. A personal message to sheriff Jonese: Please feel free to respond publicly to this letter. I know that it will not be published and that is why I chose to send copies of this to several different media sources; to insure that you read it. I am asking you to free yourself from the further embarrassment of Bradley Totten's trial and of a defeat to Kenneth Varner in the upcoming election. More importantly though; I am asking for your resignation because Pocahontas County is YOUR home also. We have never been under a police state and we should not be now, especially a police state ordered by a former Marine; a protector of civil and constitutional rights. Do the right thing David. Resign. Thank you for your consideration. -Edward Kellison

This picture:

This picture is troubling for me.

Why? (You may have asked)

Well because this is the picture of a monster that just realized it for himself. How can one have so much promise yet end up so badly? Certainly, I'm not empathizing with Totten nor poking fun at him or his family. I've known Brad for decades and it's just peculiar to see him on THAT side of the camera. That's all.

A letter to the editor.

Page 1 of 2

Dear editor,

The following is a letter I have written, it is intended for the Pocahontas Time and though I am confident I will be submitting it Monday morning I am not so confident that it will ever see the light of day in that particular newspaper.

My name is Edward Kellison. I am 67 years old. I moved to Pocahontas county WV from Bluegrass Va when I was 8 years old. I consider myself a lifelong resident of Pocahontas County though because through fishing, camping and hunting with my uncles and father, the greatest magority of my life has been spent right here: snuggled in the comforting breasts of the birthplace of rivers.

My love of Pocahontas County "home" is why I'm am writing this this early Friday morning. That same love is the reason I can't sleep tonight and should be the reason none of you reading this should be able to sleep. To get to the point of this all, I have sat by idly, a spectator of sorts. In my 67 years, I have never seen the amount of corruption and intentional misdoings from a small time, hick county government as is happening now and has been happening for the past 4 years.

"Home" has become a police state. Now, allow me to clarify, identify and define "police state" for those reading this that may not know what it means:

A police state is one in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the population. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianismand social control, and there is usually little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive.
The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by aconstitutional state. (source:

Does that sound familiar my friends and neighbors? People and their civil and constitutional rights being violated because they disagree of the seemingly money and ego driven agenda of the sheriff of Pocahontas county David Jonese and his band of thugs and brutalizers.

Folks, we have county residents being dragged from their homes in the middle of the night, being thrown in jail and being mistreated because they merely exercised their first amendment rights. They are being sought out and prosecuted time and again for matters that have been dismissed, dropped and found not guilty of. Jonese's administration has taken your first amendment rights away slowly and in a thuggery, obvious fashion.

As a matter of course, Mr. Jonese and his brutalizing posse's first agenda was removing the second amendment rights of many as well. This is the one you hunters, gun enthusiasts and those of you that believe you have a right to defend yourself and your family may want to pay attention to:

Within his first month in office, David Jonese successfully removed the duty arms from the Public Safety Officers at Snowshoe Mountain. Not the same thing as violating the second amendment rights you say? Because the officers were employees of a private company? You would be correct in one manner but, Jonese also informed the officers that possessed a concealed weapon permit (issued by the county) that if they were caught by him, any of his deputies or other Snowshoe employees carrying a personal arm or even having one in their personal vehicle that; they would be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law and any and all records of their permit would be destroyed thus prosecuting them with a felony gun charge. Think about that for just a minute.

The Norman Alderman arrest was the child of satire created by Higher Ground, a former "writer' on the previous site owned by Alderman; I truly believe that Higher Ground meant little harm with his "Crawling under windows (subtitled The Periscope Story) perhaps just sarcasm at best. While I disagree with his tactics and some of his political beliefs, he did not intend for Alderman to be arrested at midnight, his home searched, thrown in jail and abused by the Goon Squad. Without being redundant for the sake of redundant,  I'm compelled to remind you all that this series of ethical and constitutional violations were made possible by now lame duck Magistrate Kathy Beverage.

Kathy though, (not unlike Pamela Pritt) I believe was and is scared by the Jonese administration. Should they go against the Great High's wishes, they are putting themselves and their families in danger's way. They don't have the testicular fortitude it takes to stand up for what is right. Continued....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Akers again! Seems all is not well in the courthouse!

Stephen Akers said...
Interesting twist here folks. Walt Weiford................. wasn't he the prosecutor during the Totten "alleged" rapes? Yet Weiford was dumb to the fact that there was some very severe misconduct happening at that time? I don't buy it. Not for one minute.

I have some very good friends that work or used to work within the courthouse. One of which worked in the sheriff's dept. The stories my friend has told me would turn you white!

One particular story was Walt, on a daily basis, coming into the old jail/911 center, smoking cigarettes and participating in the "antics" of the other employees. Walt, from what my friend described; was not one bit above sexually harassing the female employees! From my contacts in Pocahontas county, it seems that the recent law suits have loosened the lips of many in the courthouse................some of which were harassed themselves.

I wonder spectacularly if Walt will be included? I'm sure if he ever said one thing out of the way; he will. Mahy are seeing $$$$$$ signs now. The county is easy picking and Walt just became in the spotlight again with his appointment into DMH. Walt needs to stick to his social media slandering. Most will be so happy seeing him go down with the rest of the varmints.
August 25, 2012 10:20 PM

 Editor's note: It appears that there's some current and former employees not real happy with their treatment over the years! 
Keep in mind that there is a law suit in place right now by former jail employees for unlawful firings! We at the Commentator would be happy to hear them out!

Brad Totten sings.

Framed - Los lobos

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Weiford takes shot at Norman!

This can't be!!!! LOL!!!! Just another example of the butthurt caused by Norman! Remember!!!!!!!! Norman cost Walt the election! Poor Walt. Crying still. At least he has a uh......... "strong" support group. <rolls eyes>