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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brad Totten sings.

Framed - Los lobos

Uploaded by  on Nov 3, 2010
parte del soundtrack de la película La bamba


Anonymous said...

I love it. Can we rename the department the poke a hoe PD or perhaps the hooky picayune PDF in honor of Brad and others on the force like him.I'm sure it would be well welcomed.And the auxiliary can be called the idiot squad.

Anonymous said...

Don't bend over to pick up the soap Brad, just saying.Ask your top CI about his freckled face redheaded boyfreind he had.Larry might be able to keep you from becoming one.

Anonymous said...

If Brad goes to jail the noises he makes will not be mistaken for singing. I cant wait to hear the stories about his say there.Hes going to tell on everybody he can but hes going to be there for a while.