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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I have heard.

Hey gang, just an update on my post dated sept 24 '12 titled "Expect....": It has been told to me from insider within the sheriff's office itself that our most recently identified sex fiend indicted on 57 sexual crimes is "cooperating fully" with the investigators poking around the sheriff's dept.

We can only assume that the news broken by Norman about the seizure of sheriff dept computers and Totten talking to the investigators is more than just crazy happenstance. I was told to not expect anything extraordinary forthcoming from the local media but to also not to be surprised if others within the dept going down on "other crimes" and the source even hinted at possible a sex ring involving MANY. Take it for what it is for the time being: Hearsay.


Anonymous said...

Thank you but as much has been public knowledge for year's. HOPEFULLY there will be evidence to support it and make public.I still have my money on JL giving up a big fish

The Road Runner.

Anonymous said...

Maybe JL will pull out those old home movies. Thanks to Stacy everyone knows he has them.