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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Someone is irate with the Yellow Tailed Cult!

 Anonymous said...
Where oh where is the Coward Cult???? Your fearless leader cowardly bowed out of answering the bell! I thought you jackasses would be here defending him! I guess you are over on topix crying about how the big bad commentator and the big bad county commission are picking on Chief Yellow Tail! You are ALL cowards! You don't deserve any respect! You are worthless! Cole's old lady and Dreama and all of you have proven that you are cowards! Kathy's old dried up bag aunt ain't even present to bawl and whine! You are all a joke! Pathetic!

November 21, 2012 9:28 PM
It is time to answer the bell! Be accountable! You guys have been whining about The Commentator and calling us liars for years now! It's time to man up and admit that you and your leader may be in some serious trouble! Unfortunately for you, The Commentator aren't the only ones on your tail! The Sheriff's bosses are upset too!


Agust said...


Why do you allow comments that talk about people in a way that promotes racist activism. Yellow, Red, Black, Brown. It sounds like you are allowing a culture that says American Indian equals Niggar, which some backward people think is a less than worthy heritage. I have been taught that anyone who judges a person by their color or creed is a student of evil and hatred.

I do not think you are evil.

I think all people are people. Period.

I think that applying labels to people, based on their parents' color of skin or origin (such as black or American Indian) is wrong.

I hope you will not allow this to be present on your site.

You are a thinker. Think about this. When you allow the use of "names" to define people you loose respect from those who know that that is a sign of weakness.

Are you strong today, or are you a childish name caller? I think, according to my best friend, you are a thinker.

arbowail said...

my guess is that the esteemed legal wizard beer can bob,advised him to steer clear of the c.c. meeting.....he is sheriff,and he does not answer to anyone.....he can do what ever he wants.....if he wants to hire felons,well then he hires felons.....if he wants to hire humping buffalo,then he hires the end the state ethics board will say no big deal,no one was what..........this state is rotten from the top down...the rules are made to protect a bottom feeder like chief run a muck,and he knows this county ,it is never done for the good of the people.....we are along for the the c.c.meeting it was reported by dreama sharp that he would not attend,no reason given.....who the hell is she ??????she is not an employee of the county,why does she report to the commission??????when asked we were told that she is a contract worker,there is no where in the rules to paY A CONTRACT WORKER....auxiliary pay is not covered,get rid of her......what is her job??????if there is a job well then post it,and fill it the legal way.....

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny. They have been attacking Donna for three years and she ALWAYS shows up and face the music. The first time the high sheriff feels the heat he is afraid to show up. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

there you have it folks. it's racism. he didn't show because of racism. the coward cult member needs to learn about what racism is. the yellow thing would only be racist if the cult leader was asian. the reason their calling him yellow is because they're implying that he's a yellow bellied coward not because he has indian ancestry. you liberal cry babies are truly stupid. get out and learn something sometime and quit trying to be offended.

Anonymous said...

Jonese is of Indian origin not Asian! If it was racism they would be saying something about him being red not yellow! The yellow comments are about him being to big of a coward to show up to the meeting! Get a clue! I guess you could argue the chief reference but you'd be off the mark there too. "Chief" is a law enforcement term. As in "chief of police" or "Chief deputy" or "Chief officer on duty". Honestly, some of you will cry and whine about anything! Yet I bet you are one of the ones on topix calling Norman every name in the book!

Moderator said...

I'm failing to see where "Yellow Tail" is racist. "Yellow" is another term for cowardly. If you are going to throw out the racist card and the N word in the same post; have all of your ducks in row and at least pretend to know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

I swear some of you all have no brains what so ever! Implying that a man of American Indian creed of being yellow is racist? Since when? Jonese is not Japanese or Korean, Chinese or even close to any of those! We used to use that term all the time when I was a kid. If someone challenged you to a dare they'd say "are you gonna do it or are you too yellow?" I find it ironic that no one has used the N word on here EVER except the people claiming racism.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Come on people! Try Goggling something once in a while! You don't have to go through life being a dumbass!

What's the origin of "yellow-bellied"?

August 28, 2001
Dear Straight Dope:

Where did the expression "yellow-bellied" come from? I've heard it used in the expression, "yellow-bellied coward." I can't for the life of me think why having a yellow belly would make you a coward.

— johnny fishface

Oh, come on. If I woke up with a yellow belly one morning (jaundice?), I would definitely be in a tremulous mood. But there's more to it than that. The color yellow has traditionally been associated with cowardice, treachery, inconstancy and jealousy. Brewsters says that in France, the doors of traitors' houses were daubed with yellow. The medieval yellow star (continued by the Nazis) branded Jews as having "betrayed Jesus." In medieval paintings, Judas Iscariot (ultimate symbol of treason) is portrayed wearing yellow garments. In Spain, victims of the Inquisition wore yellow, to imply they were guilty of heresy and treason. On the American frontier in the early 1800s, a "yellow-dog" was anything worthless.

The combination of yellow (cowardly, treacherous) with the belly or guts (stamina, grit, heroism) seems pretty obvious. A person with guts is a person with courage. The combination yellow-bellied was thus a double way of saying the person had no courage. That usage first appeared around 1925 in the U.S.

A more plausible source is the medieval theory of medicine that assumed there were four humors (fluids) in the body. These determined the physical and mental condition of the person. If they got out of balance, you got sick or went crackers. The four humors were blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile. Yellow bile (choler from the Greek kholos for gall) made you peevish, choleric, irascible. The disease cholera got its name from the symptom of, ah, yellowish diarrhea. From there to yellow as symbol of jealousy and inconstancy was a pretty easy step.

Yellow and yellow-bellied haven't always had a negative connotation. An earlier and completely different use of "yellow-bellies" apparently first arose in England as a humorous reference to residents of Lincolnshire, without the connotation of cowardly, as far as I can tell. The regimental flag had a yellow background, and frogs found in the fens were in fact yellow-bellied, so we find the term in print around 1796. It was a word like redcoats, meant as descriptive and humorous, slightly ridiculing. In the 1890s yellow-bellied was used in a literal sense to indicate fish, such as sole and flounder, that have light-colored undersides.

Other uses of yellow include the yellow flag as a symbol of quarantine, intended to isolate victims of yellow fever. And of course, yellow journalism dates from 1895, implying newspapers that used scare headlines, sensationalism, and lavish illustrations to attract readers in a very competitive environment (between William Randolph Hearst's Journal and Joseph Pulitzer's World).

So there you have it. Something of a puzzle. Yellow, the color of the sun, flowers, etc., is generally considered cheerful and upbeat. Blondes have more fun, right? But when used metaphorically, more often than not, it means something bad.

— Dex

Anonymous said...

Yellow Tail is actually a very nice Australian wine.

Anonymous said...

The county commisioners didn't sound like it would be swept under the rug!!!! One spoke of the people regaining faith in our local government. Hush up? I don't think so...............

Anonymous said...

The cult on topix seem to be pulling names out of a hat trying to figure out who I Bet is.
They seem to have isssues when they are treated the way they are treated .I see they have now called on a member of the aux to hunt down the offender.Odd he said nothing when the cult was doing the same thing.Also he claimed he was being targeted.Yet I can't find one post where I Bet used his name . The only person I Bet referred to was the coyote. Interesting .

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the cult I prefer call them the moron patrol myself.
I saw a post where they said I was Steven.
Had they actually took the time to read my posts they would see on several occasions I have disagreed with him and Reverend Alderman on the subject of Deputy Nelson.I support not only him but many of the Officers. Not the Sheriff or Walton or
Cole as I think they need to go .They are poor examples as supervisors and as ethical examples.Otherwise we have a good force.The moron patrol may feel free to ID me as they have others.I doubt any of them know me as I do not mingle with lowbrow inbreds such as they are.
Also calling me chicken shit is a fine example of a internet moron considering you don't know who I am.Rest assured I am
a man of peace but am not a chicken shit.
You child like bully actions do not impress me.While I have no desire to prove it .Rest assured I have not been intimidated by big mouth punks such as the morons you make you little crew look like.It explains why you entire group back eachother up to verbally attack a lone female.
The Road Runner...

Anonymous said...

Yes it is .My better half likes it.
The Road Runner...

Anonymous said...

I notice on topix a member of the aux has basically said they have been spying on a citizen and had all but convected them of doing just what the yellow tail cult is doing.It seem there are two standards one for friends and one for so called enemies of

the cult.

Anonymous said...

They must not be to smart to think she is a mod .That fact alone says it all .

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that a member of the aux has deemed himself protector of the internet.In a display of bravery the cult is now attacking a old woman who has
a history of issues .I would pay zero attention to such a person.
And they are stupid enough to think Norman would make someone with a history of emotional issues as as mod.It's even more interesting they have blamed everyone from the rape victims to sideshow bob to the prosecuting attorney. The word idiots come to mind when I think of the yellow tail cult.
Topix uses a proxy block do it's unlikely a poster could post time after time from the same place. My guess would be a onion router or v 2 zip both are networks that dissidents and skilled hackers use .100 % untraceable.But it takes a high degree of skill level. I doubt Judy or any of the other accused have that skill level.
I bet has not said one word in regard to the biggest whinner.From the posts it looks like 2 separate people are indeed making fools of the cult and they are doing all the work themselves.They have gone to extreme measures to blame others with zero proff.
When they were blaming the Prosecuting Attorney I about fell over laughing. Now they thing Judy is a mod. How much more can the cult embarrass themself..

Anonymous said...

I liked the one on topix who said a IP adress trace is limited and will not show a actual location.
This ia not true.There are services that can even provide a satellite picture of a home by using a IP.The better ones you have to pay for or be able to tap by alternative measures. How do you think the government traces a IP .You can do the same if you know how to get inside .The yellow tail cult just like to make them self look like they know what they are talking about .They do not have a clue.
maybe they need to go back to grade school and catch up on computer technology.