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Monday, September 24, 2012

We have a winner!

Rest assured there are beads of sweat forming on the heads of several people in the Sheriffs office and those they were communicating to. Someone asked if they were dumb enough to have used the office computers. Look at the people were talking about again.Look at their past deeds and there should Be no question in your mind if they are that stupid. Yes they have JL and Totton but there are more who have committed crimes and all are not in this department but in others and in the Judaical system . I would however like to let certain people know the public is yucking it up all over the place the ,we find fair play much more amusing than you seem to.Also we are starting to see hope that the people here no longer have to fear selected deputies , or being arrested for speaking out in public , or face certain conviction from 1 magistrate or hide their underr age daughters from the cops ,or there being so many mystery suicides from men who had just won elections or beat having cancer. on Wouldn't This Be interesting reading....


Anonymous said...

I want to thanks the Victims for having the courage and coming forward to Donna. I want to THANKS Donna for taking collecting the information, staying the course (even thought the “good old boy” came after you with FULL force), requesting a investigation from the WVSP and FBI, and doing what is right.

They have attacked you personally and professionally but what they didn’t KNOW was that it just pissed you off and made the old Country Girl fight harder.

You keep your promises of four years ago, that you would fight corruption. If not for nothing would of happen! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yers well said.I think kits clear her fight is supported here.
And we can all tell the Sheriffs complains and lack of coporation started after you filed complains and the State Police and FBI started to get intrested.When you have one deputy charged with 57 counts and JL with 4 you know there was a issue.And the big shots in the Department claim they knew nothing when the entire county knew for years what was going on.Come on do the 2 daves think we are that stupid,YES they do and it turns out its the other way around .She kicked em in the rear and hasnt backed her or not you should respect her for doing what no one has before.

Anonymous said...

I haven’t agreed with everything Donna has DONE…. But hindsight is 20/20…. She was working an investigation on the Sheriff Department and when they (Totten, Jonese, Rowe) found out they started attacking her and talking shit on her in public…… FAST FORWARD… Now it makes sense!!!!
Who cares if she is a few months late on paper work……(hell Walt was 12 years behind)…. She attacked the problem that no one else ever did….. YOU GO young LADYl!!

I pray that the BOE and DHHR personnel that join in with Totten, now realize the mistake they made. You still have time to make it right. BOE & DHHR folks, now your time to make it right.
Patriots on Patrol (POP)