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Thursday, April 26, 2012

We LOVE this contributer!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Jonese Has Lost Control of his Department": 

Fortunately I am retired and no longer employed as a substitute teacher in Pocahontas County, but I can tell you one thing, if anyone “thinks” they run a school system, it is Alice Irwin! Not only does she hold as many titles as she can grab, but she also draws a salary for each of those titles and that makes her second in the money to the superintendant. She’s gets about $90,000 per/year divided by 12 months = $7500 per/month; or put another way: $90,000 divided by 52 weeks = $1731 per/week divided by 5 days in a week = $346 PER/DAY! Now how many other folks are getting paid that much money per/day, let alone per/week, working anywhere in this county? And she only ‘works’ nine-months a year!

And if there is one thing for certain, Alice Irwin is mean-spirited in that she bitterly resents anyone challenging her in any decision she makes or suggests – and if so, then you end up like Norman Alderman, driven out of the school system, or replaced by one of her relatives – she is that vindictive! Last year she tried to make a ‘criminal complaint’ against Norman, but was unable to produce any evidence against him. And now that he may very well stand in opposition to her husband, Dolan, opposing Norman in the General Election in November for County Commissioner, Alice is again making yet another ‘criminal complaint’ against Norman hoping Norman will be again arrested & jailed until he meets bail, as early as THIS COMING WEEKEND – according to my husband! And of course Jonese and his goons are more than willing to ‘smash & grab’ with their new facemasks!

What has made Alice so mean? Norman can show via statistics that Alice & her staff have worked behind the scenes manipulating student test results SO POCAHONTAS COUNTY GETS MORE GRANT MONEY! Sounds a lot like what Dr. John Sharp did with Medicare & Medicaid, doesn’t it? But Po’-Alice has no idea how this will come back to bite her in her boney-derrière so that when the smoke clears – it may very well be Alice who goes to the ‘hoosegow’ with a hefty fine – just like Dr. Sharp! Ahhhhhh---maybe better days are coming at last! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if this could get interesting,and could explain the School going after Norm.

Anonymous said...

Lester just got his cojones in a crack to the tune of about $50,000. He may have to take some of the $$$ from those other four retirements to pay back the state of WV.

Course if they get him for fraudulent schemes he will have to spend his retirement income at the prison canteen.