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Friday, April 27, 2012


A writer on this “Blog” is impersonating himself or herself as a person identified as “Penny” and/or “PPF GF.” There have been several references as “Penny for your thoughts.” This is obviously an attempt to impersonate or call out the real Penny – PPF GF. Never once, have any of these individuals posted on this “Blog” and respectfully request this stop. I further request the administrator of this “Blog” to remove any postings that purport to identify themselves as “Penny” or “PPF GF.” This is an abuse to the real individuals they are impersonating. This childish behavior must stop. The real Penny and her family are private individuals who are not running for office nor are they public officials. Penny is not a resident of this county and she has no desire to inject herself into these slanderous, ill-mannered offensive conversations. Never once has she, or her family ever posted on this “Blog.” If anyone has any information as to the identity of this imposter, please feel free to contact me at my office e-mail
Roger A. Decanio 

Mr. Decanio, all attempts will be made to remove any references to the person mentioned in your message. It needs stated that the individual posting the "Penny for your thoughts.." references has been permanently banned from posting anything on this site due to SEVERAL terms of use violations. 

As to the identification of this individual? That should little to no problem should your client seek legal action. We will fully cooperate with those proceedings.  


Norman Alderman said...

Amen! Moderator
Thank you Roger.

Etater Moderator said...

I tried to be patient and explain to the person trolling the site that; you just can't say ANYTHING because you believe you are anonymous. That person continued their mindless drivel and vulgarity though.

The person in question "Team Bob Leader" posted garbage about other members, calling them vulgar names and then of course slandering Norman, his family and his candidates.

Now, it looks as if this person may have in fact; hanged themselves as I suggested they would. Too bad.

To everyone else: I strongly suggest that you think before posting slanderous content and then think again.

I also ask that everyone reconsider "Team Bob" and their actions. Take into consideration how they acted and especially; the candidates they supoort: Robert "Bob" Martin, Kathy Beverage and David Jonese. Keep in mind that NONE of those candidates came forward and condemned the actions of of "Team Bob Leader". It clearly illustrates their character. Remember this when you're in the voting booth!

Anonymous said...

Thank you mod, I'm glad we have you to make the sight better and safer, Team Bob didn"t do Bob any favors by actinf like a douch bag he probably hurt him as a matter of fact,

Anonymous said...


Etater Moderator said...

I guess it the end, it wasn't "Team Slob" that he/she had to worry about "coming after" them huh? They did a fine job of that themselves. Not so funny when the shoe is on the other foot is it?