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Monday, April 16, 2012

Saffer Stunned By "Lack Of Respect".

Lack of Respect

Martin Saffer
5:47 pm
Lack of Respect
I am stunned by the complete lack of respect which has been shown in some of the "political" remarks about our public officials, judges, office holders and candidates. I use "political" in quotes because to my thinking this is reckless slander. What is worse, is the reflection this has on the entire community. We must be seen by those observing us from afar that we have completely lost our dignity as a community.


Etater Moderator said...

I agree to a certain extent with Marty. However, I am "stunned" at the "lack of respect" that has been displayed toward our county by our "officials". We cannot have an open dialect without including all parties and their actions.

Anonymous said...

Well put Moderator

Anonymous said...

If you want respect you must earn it.Look at ther people in office and running for office.Marty please its hard to earn rerspect when your issuing fines for 1.00 for bad check writter who have screwed everone in the county ,and you spend a great deal of the day hiding under desks thinking someone is comming to get you just before you sign warrents at 11.00 pm at night.Hard to get respect when your forging checks on a bank thats been out of business for a couple years,or are a neo nazi.Do not expect me to offer any respect for such people.

Anonymous said...

Have respect for the officials? LMAO! Who in their right mind would havee respect for an officer who has sex with people in his custody and cheats on his wife? Who would have respect for an officer whos an asshole and acts like he hates his job? I mean, are you serious? most of our officers are here cuz more then likely they f*cked up somewhere else so Pocahontas County hired them. Look at Cole, there is ya an asshole who came here bc he STOLE. We have Totten, i need not go there cuz hes got himself a big paper write up. Then we got the sheriff himself who hides the wrong doings of his deputies from the citizens...And you want respect?!?! Can you name me ONE officer that does not cheat on his wife?? Martin Saffer aint got much room to talk, hes a smartass, with a big ego

Etater Moderator said...

I mostly agree with all points above but, I will go on to say this;

Mr Saffer wrote the following: "We must be seen by those observing us from afar that we have completely lost our dignity as a community."

How we are perceived from "afar" is not the political banter between the voters and the politicians. Our loss of "dignity as a community" is on the front page of every WV newspaper.

Our "loss of dignity" stems from Deputies being charged with fraud and uttering, from discharging a firearm while being drunk. From our prosecutor's license being challenged.

From our Chief Deputy declaring that a former deputy now indicted on 12 felonies "The best (law enforcement officer) in the state, maybe nation".

Our "loss of dignity" is the child of our political figures having the inability to lead. It has nothing to do with what some anonymous person on the internet says. It has everything to do with how our leaders lead.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Mod. You really nailed that. Any chance we can get you away from Norman? You seem to have a clear head. It would be a shame for that to get muddied up with Norman's BS.

Etater Moderator said...

I consider Norman a good friend. Norman and I certainly don't agree all the time, even he will tell you that. I am not a fan of Price, I know nothing on the subject of Bob and while I don't know Martin Saffer well, I do believe that Martin is very calculated and intelligent.

I do however agree with a lot of Norman's political views even though, I am an Independent.

I agree with Norman in that Jonese has made a mockery of the Sheriff's dept (though, I take into consideration that he did inherit and pretty bad, already corrupt department).

I am NOT a fan of Kathy Beverage at all. Her bias-ness over the years have proved her to be an incompetent magistrate.

Overall, I am like many of you in a lot of ways. I don't always agree with Norman but, I can't see all of the bad in everything posted on here.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your apparent intelligence and calculation Moderator. So, try this on for size; the sheriff is supporting "BOB" for prosecutor, and doing so quite adamantly........ Even to the detriment of his own campaign.

Think about that for a while and let us know how it all adds up.

Anonymous said...

I do not always agree with Norman either , however the good thing about this site that differs with others you can speak out freely.As with many rural areas you really do not know whats going on behind the scenes.The times is not going to go there.Corruption has always managed to go on simply because people do not know about it.The truth is often hidden and not easy to find.Norman opens these doors for us.No hes not always right.We have to judge what he says. I sometimes think he hurts his own causes by embellishing a bit more than needed .But at times it makes things interesting .To this day I feel the arrest of Norman was little more than a poorly veiled effort to shut him up by our local officials.They may not be able to admit it even to them self's, but he scares the hell out of the ones trying to cover up issues ..And I do want to say we do have some good officers. Nelson is a good man.We have to give these new cops a chance to prove them sel and support the ones trying to make a difference .We have already seen what the Waltons and Tottons ,Coles,Wilfongs and Alkires have done.There are many in law enforcement that are hard working good people.Sadly the actions of 1 or 2 tend to destroy the reputation of a entire force.Add that to poor management and you have a issue.
We have some that are worth giving our respect to.

Anonymous said...

Peace and Blessings to the poster above, very well put.

Anonymous said...

i applaud the moderator for his or her candid reply about norman and to martin saffer. i agree totally with what was said. i don't agree with norman all the time either but like the moderator i can do it with respect. norman is lucky that he has some one that will be honest on his blog.

Anonymous said...

Well thought out reply to Saffer Mr mod. Don"t expect a response fromn Saffer though. This is what he considers hot button language. And he won't want to argue even when he starts it.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with all of them but I do respect them for stepping up and serving.

However Saffer does believe he is better and smarter then the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

It is election year and we have a interesting bunch running for office.Right now the most common used phrases are I was not guilty of that no matter what the court says,and I have no recall of that event,and I don't know what the FBI are doing hanging around.
Not a good answers to get respect.

Anonymous said...

Where is the "hue and cry" over bad-check Ben, a convicted criminal running for Sheriff? Jonese has been convicted of nothing and no material evidence has been offered against him (Norman's libel/slander doesn't count). Talk about a double standard on this site.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Saffer is correct on what he is saying there is no doubt there what so ever. In that case he should get up and be part of the solution, instead of being that of part of the problem, Everyone gives Mr.Alderman a tough time but one thing is for sure he gets everyone to think about what he is saying? I am sure all of you have known these issues down in your hearts? Am I correct he is just talking about getting people to pay attention to what everyone is gossiping about, On his arrest now that was a pathatic attempt to get someone to shut up about something, What was it? It really didin't have anything to do with where that gentleman lived? Come on at that time he was discussing the 'Totten Issue" the Kathy mess, several other things, Do you think it was an attempt to stop all that was coming to the for front of course it was. Sometimes the truth hurts, but in the end it is the person trying to bring it all to a head that gets hurt, When I read that mess it was so sad to think of what his family went through as if it could have been anyone on that other board.Just that Mr. ALderman used his name, that is all, Something needs to be done, Everyone there use to work as a team, It should be that way now not this of just a party of one, It doesn't work that way, as far as Marty's post then he needs to make things happen on that homefront, Not just sitting on the side lines. Maybe he does I don' tknow but then I do see it as well in print or people talking about soulutions to make things different, It takes a team, Not as to what it is now? When you have had floods in the past? Everyone worked togeather to help there neighbors, correct, WEll lets all try that once again without hardship, but that of the "Greater Good" Get the right people in office, take care of your neighbor get rid of the hate, love yourself, love your area, take care of it, Remember when things were clean, when everyone came togeather, Well if can be that way again, For young children and woman to be afraid, Now come on don't you think that is wrong, Police are there to protect, not to be in the middle of it all,On the neo nazi things I don't know about that, but the Mr. Trig issue that is another thing everyone in that community should think that could be you or your family, Please take control of your town, Don't let these people get your down, your about values and family that is what makes people want to come there. Remember the large Pioneer Days, What has caused it to become less every year, That the community is not up to working as a team, as far as your CVB person there, come on get to work on that, on the job front get the people to call people back to open company's, want tourism to be the way to make money it can be done, Need everyone to work togeather, with respect and values,,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Where is the "hue and cry" over bad-check Ben, a convicted criminal running for Sheriff? Jonese has been convicted of nothing and no material evidence has been offered against him (Norman's libel/slander doesn't count). Talk about a double standard on this site.

April 17, 2012 12:49 PM

You should ask that to Jonese and the Judge .They almost told him he was bad,almost.I think that most of us are smart enough to rule out ben,and kelly for public office.Jonese has the qualifactions with out doubt.But his ethics and morals have overshadowed all.And his choice of Belize Bob for legal advice was a joke.

Etater Moderator said...

I'd like to thank the anonymous poster three posts above! You, my friend are absolutely right in everything that you stated.

We, as a community can not point fingers constantly! We HAVE to work together! We can not always just shoot the messenger!

We have to address the issue at it's core and to the chagrin of many, the messenger is NOT the core as Mr. Saffer would have you believe.

I have been waiting patiently for a reply by Mr. Saffer but, as one poster aptly pointed out; that reply will not happen. Not on this site, not on his site, not on any site.

Mr. Saffer is a victim of his own bias. Meaning; his complete and total disdain for this site owner blinds him from the fact that he could be talking to many of his constituents.

Which leads us to the problem at hand in Pocahontas County: Our elected officials (upon election) immediately feel that they are superior of "better" than the people that voted them in.

I have heard many people within this county say that exact same thing over my years with Etater, this site, etc. It's as if there is a pedestal awaiting those elected. They will not step off that pedestal until the next election period.

Anonymous said...

mod is their any chance youll run for cc. we need someone like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mod,

Take a close look and some of the candiates have put thmemselves on a pedestal even prior to being elected.......also, there are those who are in office now that were on their own pedestal and then once elected went completely nuts with power, authority, arrogance and have even become paranoid due to a serious problem with their controlling behavior.

Should be rather easy to spot these folks, and when you do please vote them out or vote to never let them further tarnish our criminal justice system.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a supporter of local government(democracy) however after reviewing what is being offered for the position of Sheriff...I wont vote at all in the local election. It is a nasty joke. We have a convicted drug user, Ben(not sure about that damn mess) a person who is or was a neo nazi(For further proof ask him his children's names) Buster Varner a joke and Jonese so in all honesty whats the point in me driving to vote..waste of my time and gas...The county commision wants nothing but tourism here and that may be fine for those of you who have already retired or hold public office but for me and my family that isnt an option. We have a strong women in office as prosecutor and still have problems...but Martin Saffer would suck as a prosecutor...he would probably have to recuse himself due to either his drug addict children or his conflict with CPS..... So why even continue this......i call for Pocahontas county to not vote at all on Election day........

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone.......its times such as these that we must educate ourselves and vote.

When there is no clear "best choice" out there, thats when you must make sure to vote for the one you believe will make best candidate of what we have to choose from.

If its a mind set of voting for the lesser of the evils, then so be it.

Because, believe it or not, things could get much worse.

Educate yourselves folks.

Anonymous said...

well shawn sure does have mine and my families vote!! everyone to their own, but right now hes who is the only one that hit the nail on the head with his speach! sure he was a neo-nazi, but nobody is perfect. hed do better than jonese, im sure! why should we let jonese run again so we can have some more criminal deputies???

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I got this right about Pocahontas County.

Running for sheriff, you have a convicted criminal (bad check Ben), a "neo-nazi", an incumbent sheriff suspected of covering up for a former deputy, a convenience store operator, a "buster", a known drug dealer, and a few others.

Pokey folks, and those on here of Norman's "ilk", you get what you deserve with this cast of candidates.

Personally, I'll be voting for bad check ben wilfong; that way, there won't be ANY speculation about whether he is a fraud, thief, or liar. We already know that he has those traits. That way, we won't have to waste any time once he's elected to tear him down.

What decent person would want to run for office to represent you given the level of discontent here?

Anonymous said...

What the hell do we have to be content about?

Our criminal justice system is a joke, there is no system to it:

Do we have corrupt law enforcement?

Do we have a magistrate that acts as an extension of the Sheriff's department?

Do we have an arrogant sheriff trying to jam a snake for prosecutor down our throats?

and, to top it all off do we have circuit judges that could really care less about what goes on up here in Pocahontas County?

It's not a system, it's different factions that can't work together because of arrogance, controlling behaviors, paranoia, power hungry individuals with an 'it's my way or the highway attitude', and no one with genuine leadership to actually set any kind of example or standard.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part! We have an elected official who, due to not being saluted or having his direct orders followed , seeking outside advice from self proclaimed "the best attorney in the state, and I want to give back to the community where I started" the begs the question ...... Which one of these guys is the otherone's patsy?

Again I ask, what in the Hell do we have to be content with?