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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The way it works.

All comments are approval only. Norman never even sees them so, for those of you that want to curse at him and call him names, just know that he doesn't even see them and I will not approve them for publishing on this site. Feel free to keep hitting the submit button as many times as you please but you're wasting your time. Thanks for your persistence though, it makes my job as Moderator somewhat enjoyable. -Mod


Anonymous said...


Are you trying to tell us that you can be as stubborn as a bank mule?

If so, then way to go!!

Keep up the good work!!!

I, for one, greatly appreciate all the dilligent efforts you put forth in keeping all the postings on the Commentator appropriate for consumption by reasonable, caring, thoughtful human beings.


Anonymous said...

The ones cussing Norman are just attention whores any way. Keep up the good work! Don't let this be another etater!

Anonymous said...

E-tater was a free-for-all with slanderous attacks on private citizens. I should know, I was one of them along with one of my good friends that just happens to be a teacher. It was at it's worst when Jennifer was moderating. They played too many games with that forum and only deleted anything when it offended them or one of their friends. I literally had to threaten suing in order to have my name removed form that site. The new moderation team did a much better job at keeping the conversations political only. I don't know if the moderation team on this site is the same as the old p-tater but, they are doing a great job so far in keeping the profanity or inappropriate language to a minimum. I hope they keep it up. This site is really good for entertainment in a county where there's not much to do. It's also really good for information both political and even the sales ads Norman posts from Fas-Chek and Foodland. I applaud Norman and his team for all that they do for us.

Etater Moderator said...

Thanks for all the feed back and of course; the compliments. To answer the above poster: The moderation team on this site is not the same as it was on Ptater.

Anonymous said...

Too bad a few rotten jack@@ spoil it for us all.I'm one of the people who speak their mind and do not always go along with norm or support who he supports.But my posts are put on the site,maybe because I disagree in a normal fashion.One comment you made mod was people attacking Norm family .He generally keeps them out of it.Sheriff Jonese made his wife a target the second he put her on the pay roll for 35.00 and his son when he made him a member of the aux when he was a minor and took him along on midnight raids.I would have to say did he not know better,surely hes not that foolish.If so then all I can say it explains why he has legal suits facing him as Sheriff and as a person One thing I would like to know are these negative ignorant foul mouth comments coming from basically just one or two people.It seems that way on topix.Maybe there are more monikers being used but it seems like the same one or two people.Didn't know if you could tell us.Of course I do not want to know who ,I would never expect a mod to divulge that info your a professional .

Etater Moderator said...

Yes, the comments and lewd language IS coming from just a few people. One of which, a trashy blonde from Virginia, was on Norman's Facebook page cursing at him, calling him names, etc. She seemed like she was drunk to me but who knows? The others are from the court house "family". Unfortunately, because we try to run a family oriented site, for the time being I have to keep the restrictions in place.

As one person aptly pointed out; the people doing this are simple attention wh*res trying to deflect when Norman gets too close for their comfort. It cracks me up honestly. The one in particular just keeps writing me to say how "slanted" my moderating is. Of course they are not sending an email. They're far too cowardly for that but instead, they keep trying to comment on the site.

It's really funny I think. Mostly because I am not allowing the one thing in life that they so crave: Attention. No one can read their drivel. I just laugh and laugh. :)

Etater Moderator said...

"Are you trying to tell us that you can be as stubborn as a bank mule?"

My stubbornness is unmatched. ;)

Anonymous said...

To Mod: Thanks for answering! I kind of new that the team on this site was different than on P-Tater. Your a lot more business like. Don't take that in a bad way b/c I meant it as compliment. I know too that you are keeping not only Norman's but everybody's best interest in mind by keeping the comments as you stated "on approval only". I wish we would have had you back in the E-tater days. Maybe my name wouldn't have been drug through the mud. Maybe my teacher friend wouldn't have been attacked either. The persons you spoke of that keeps emailing you need to get a life! They need to realize too that when not if there name starts get drug through the mud you'll be there to help them to. I know this. I just get a feeling that you are a very kind and considerate person. I know that Mr. Alderman is to. Again thank you for taking time to respond to me and thank you again for doing such a good job on the commentater. Poco county needs more like you.

Anonymous said...

I second that.B&J were not good mods they abused the site and hurt it. It got better after they left and seems to be getting even better .The site they have now is considering closing down due to lack of posters from what I hear.That will not happen here.

Etater Moderator said...

I appreciate the kind words anon. And yes, you are correct; I would help the person that's messaging me (not emailing as I pointed out) should their "past" catch up to them.

Not because I am kind or considerate but because; I believe in doing the right thing.

Now Norman. Believe it or not, Norman is kind and compassionate and considerate. Many people can't see that because Norman is a Pit Bull when it comes to politics and officials abusing their powers.

Most time, as I mentioned, the people that anonymously speak out against him are the family members/friends of those he's going after.

That been said though, I can see their point. I wouldn't want someone going after my family but then again; my family are doing no wrong.

They are not raping people, smoking dope, covering up for a theft within the BOE or blindly signing arrest/search warrants in the middle of the night just to make a point. They are not a Pocahontas Times mouth piece for the Sheriff's Department either.

Etater Moderator said...

I second that.B&J were not good mods they abused the site and hurt it. It got better after they left and seems to be getting even better .The site they have now is considering closing down due to lack of posters from what I hear.That will not happen here."

Thanks for the input. I will say though that in my opinion, Barry was never an issue. He did pretty well. The other one though? Wow. That was pretty bad. She took that site as her own sandbox and she chose who could play in it. And the drama! My. My. If she wasn't creating drama then, she wasn't happy.

You can see what it got her too. Etater got hacked by a pretty nasty customer; someone that actually knew what they were doing and eventually, Norman kicked her to the curb. You just can't act that way with people and expect no reaction.

That been said; yes, we have a few on here that want to be insulting and I have dealt with them. I will give ANYONE a chance though. All they have to do is be respectfully disagreeable and then; I'll allow their comments to go through.