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Friday, May 4, 2012

An editorial.

                Pam Pritt does it so, why shouldn't I? 

After just now having the time to sit down and read the Pritt Times, I felt very compelled to write about a certain "piece" by Commissioner David Fleming. A rebuttal so to speak as I know David and Martin Saffer spends every waking moment on this site, wallowing in their own sorrow and self pity. 

I really tried to read David's article with an open mind..... to understand his point of view. I considered calling NORML members Martin Saffer and Robert "Bob" Martin to hook me up with a bowl so I could get in that sitting-by-the-campfire-holding-hands-and-singing-Kumbaya mood but alas....I didn't so, I couldn't get the full effect I suppose. Thus, this editorial.

For some time now, I have pondered the reason that I am not a fan of  David Fleming or Martin Saffer also if I'm being honest. 

David's outward, musical epitome that he so elegantly wrote about, his unabated, emotional experience was the final piece of that puzzle. It brought it all together......full circle (to be redundant).

I fondly recalled Martin's "Lack of respect" diatribe recently composed on his site; and his inability to follow up on his thoughts or even defend them. 

Then, I remembered how HURT David Fleming was when at a recent County Commission; Green Bank resident Tony Byrd suggested that David did not care about the people he represents. 

At that moment, it was so clear! This is the most absolute SPINELESS county commission in the history of Pocahontas County!!! They don't want tasteful discord as they would so impose on all of you in this county. No! No! NO!!!!!! They want you to believe that they have your best interests in mind while you pay them to screw you!! Don't believe me? Ask the people in Green Bank! 

To sum this up people: Both Martin and David do not need one more vote from you. What they really need is just a hug.............and maybe a stint in rehab and anger management.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Marty and Bob could def help you out with a bowl! lol

Etater Moderator said...

By the way, if anyone thinks that this is a serious attempt at journalism, don't be confused.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Marty and Bob could def help you out with a bowl! lol

May 4, 2012 9:58 PM

I recall Bob from his Snowshoe days.So I have little doubt about his ability's to provide services to the public.

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the kind of services we have far too much of already?

Anonymous said...

The illegal services including distribution?