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Friday, March 30, 2012

Questions for the candidates!

If you have questions, ask them here! We will try our try our best to pose those questions to the candidates and await an answer!


Anonymous said...

Bob Martin:
1) Why do you own a motel in Belize?

2) Is your son currently wanted by the law?

3) Are there extradition laws in Belize?

4) Why did you leave Pocahontas County the first time?

5) Are you still a member of NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws?

6) Do you still believe that Marijuana should be legal?

7) What other recreational drugs would you like to see legalized?

8) Have you ever claimed to make $450.00 per hour?

9) Do you realize that being prosecuto for Pocahontas County is a FULL TIME job, and only pays about $92,000.00 per year (nowhere near $450.00 per hour)?

10) Do you think you are even marginally adequate to serve as a role model to our youth?

11) Why on earth do you want to be our next Prosecutor?

Anonymous said...

Bob Martin:

1) Just how long have you been advising our Sheriff, has it been almost a year now?

2) How many of those "airtight" arrests that were made last May would you still consider airtight?

3) A year ago, did you have one earring or two?

4) Why did you remove your earrings and cut your hair?

5) Will you allow your hair to grow back and start wearing your jewelry again after the election?

Anonymous said...

Norman i have a question for you. Your running for county comm.If elected how will you deal with your hate? what if jonese gets reelected and martin becomes prosecuting att what then will you be able to do your job.

Anonymous said...


Will you continue to post raucous allegation, insinuations, and lies via this blog if elected?

Will you get fatter, and have a heart attack during a city meeting, and sue the city?

Will you continue to bully (attempt) the good people of PC via this website?

Will you attend anger management?

Will you continue with you alleged penchant for inappropriate contact with children?

Will you abuse the little power you will have?

Will you end up costing the people of PC untold amounts of money because you do any or all of the following?

A - Taking bribes? I am asking because of allegations that you have posted things on here for money as well as to garner favor from you 'supporters'.

B - Be found out as a pedophile, because of your rumored past, as it would come to light in your new position and in a public office it would call for PC to pay for your indiscretions.

C - Continuing to print libelous statements online, and after being sued and losing subsequently allowing PC to be a named defendant.

D - Be changed with any number of felonious charges, for crimes that have yet to come to light.

I await your response.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Kelly
How do you expect to enforce the law in the entire county when you can't even enforce the County Smoking Ban in your own place of business.

Anonymous said...

Norm, I know that Bob probably doesn't waste his time reading this rag, but I know that you do. So, with that said, why haven't you answered the questions above?

Anonymous said...

We all know that Norm, head of Team Slob, will not answer any questions about his past because he is afraid of what the truth is and that people will find out. Isn't that right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Any suggestion that Norm is a pedophile is rediculous and likewise actionable....

Anonymous said...

Any suggestion that Norm is a pedophile is rediculous and likewise actionable....

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen where anyone on here said he is a pedophile, but that he has been reported to have had inappropriate contact with underage students. And there was worse on another forum.

Why doesn't Norm just answer the questions?

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a place to aske the candidates a question? Not ask everybody but norm a question. Why don't you answer the questions norm?

Anonymous said...

Answer the questions team slob!

Anonymous said...

Not one answer from "BOB" so my estimate is the worst possible answer will just about cover what you could expect from "BOB" as a leader of any kind.