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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And we have another winner!

Anonymous said...
I personally do not think that any of the candidates are qualified for the job of sheriff. Look at the shape this county is in now, that should be reason enough for Jonese to be voted out of office. Jonese has supported his deputies, he has lied, he has covered up so many other things. He hides behind a badge so the stealing that he has done is "legal". I am afraid of cops, I blame it on the PCSD.

As far as Ben goes, well he lied, he committed fraud and to this day has never tried to defend the actions that he was found guilty of.

Norma is not a good choice either. She sits in her store gossiping all day long, and if she doesn't like you then well needless to say I bet you would get a late night visit. She can not rely on idle gossip to make arrests.

McCarty has no qualifications and also there is no evidence to back up his claims of catching cops in drug deals, however he himself was caught in a deal.

Buster Varner is a joke, has always been a joke and will never change. If he is voted in as sheriff do you think that the drug dealing, the fights and everything else that his renters are involved in will stop? He doesn't care what they do as long as the rent is paid up.

Cheryl McCoulogh is wanting the office because of her son. You see he was arrested back in May and she feels that his arrest was unfair and unjust. In fact she may be what we need around here. Let her son and his friends deal back and forth.

Shawn Kelley, the neo nazi would make a prime candidate, just sk Pastor Trigg.

Walton, well no one voted him in last time or the time before. The people of Pocahontas County know what would happen if he would get elected. He has been with the department for man years but he has yet to out any of the corruption.

We need someone that is fair, honest and trustworthy. We need a change around here. Yes the drug problem is bad, but there are other issues that need to be addressed such as officers sleeping with CIs' and underage girls, officers doing drugs themselves or passing them out to get sexual favors. I also do not think that they should let anyone get by with crimes they themselves have committed by telling on others. The police force needs to learn how to do their jobs themselves. Maybe watch some CSI or Law and Order to find out how to investigate crimes.


Anonymous said...

No candidate is qualified to be our next Prosecutor either, but unfortunately we can't VOTE " NONE OF THE ABOVE".

Therefore, we must still vote and do so as educated as possible. Because, when there is no clear best choice, it is more difficult and we must be even smarter.

For instance, whether you use marijuana or not, I hope we can all agree that our children should not think it's ok to use any drug for recreational purposes.

Robert "BOB" Martin is a member of NORMAL: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

This group believes that marijuana should be legalized, and not just for medical purposes, but for all purposes, including recreational use.

What kind of a Prosecutor believes that marijuana, or any drug should be legal for the sake of recreation.

What will our kids think?

Regardless of how hopeless you believe your choices are for our next prosecutor, please vote to keep Robert "BOB" Martin out of office.

Just Say "NO" to "BOB"

Stinkwell Tater said...

You might be interested to know that 2 of prosecutors are in favor of legalizing marijuna, Beer Can Bob and Marijuana Marty!

Anonymous said...