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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Magistrate Beverage Panic Attacks!!!!!!

From an employee at the 911 center!
Apparently, Kathy gets panic attacks about someone "coming to get her", and frequently locks herself in her office and calls 911 requesting deputies or staff of the 911 center to come rescue her!

Staff have been known to crawl through the magistrate office window to perform that "rescue"! The 911 call logs are on record! We challenge Kathy to come forth and debunk this information! It is after all, election year!
March 22, 2012 9:00 PM
Anonymous Norman Alderman said...
So Kathy Beverage signs a warrant late in the evening authorizing Sheriff David Jonese, Major David Walton, Major Troy McCoy, Processing Server McNeel, Jonese's son, Dakota, the sheriff's secretary, sheriff aux Robertson, and Female Corrections officer Robin Friel to raid Norman Alderman's home at 11:30 in the night, take his computers and software and stay until 3:00 A.M. the THEN IT TURNS OUT THAT SHE HAS ANXIETY ATTACKS.


March 22, 2012 9:57 PM
Blogger Etater Moderator said...
Just curious, did anyone come through your window to rescue you that night Norman? Yeah. I didn't think so! Just more proof that Beverage is in for the money!!!
March 22, 2012 10:28 PM


Anonymous said...

Kinda makes you wonder if she is competent to hold office and if she might of signed warrants against those she thought were coming after her.Also could of she possibly signed warrants for the deputies that knew about this without question in order to keep this secret?Leaves a lot of possible what ifs do you not think?I can just see here hiding under her desk and deputies having to crawl in the windows to save the bulldog.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would love to hear what she has to say about this.

Anonymous said...

I think the voters of the county really need to call into question the compentency of someone so paranoid who sits in office and makes decisions which affect our lives. Hiding under the desk, thinking someone is out to get you are classic signs of mental illness.

Of course if it is to screw somebody over or get the feel good she gets when she thinks she is the 11th deputy, her mind is clear as a bell. But when it all blows up in her face, when she is called out on her misdeeds, she feigns panic attacks.

Part of being a judge is that not everyone will like you. If you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you are a fair and unbiased judge you should have a clear concious. If you have been like Kathy and let the job go to your head... well then you will have made alot of enemies. Not only the victims but their family and friends as well.

We, the voters of the county are going to use the one thing she cannot stop... our votes to vote her out in May!

Anonymous said...

Do magistrates carry a gun?

Etater Moderator said...

We have to keep in mind that this is the same woman that went out of her way (got OUT OF BED) issued the search warrants against Norman Alderman (which in the manner they were served were a violation of his 4th amendment rights) then IMMEDIATELY recused herself from the following processions.

Does that sound competent? We have to also keep in mind that the slightest quirk can bleed incompetence! Something as simple vengeance(that she harbored toward Norman) can cloud the vision of a normally competent individual thus prohibiting a rational, well thought out decision.

In Kathy's case though, I truly believe from interviewing a few former members of the Sheriff's Dept (complete transcripts of the interviews coming soon, I promise)that she has real, legitimate personal issues.

Aside from the fact that she cannot take even the slightest criticism without becoming very angry, she also is paranoid/schizophrenic about the many people she has wronged previously "coming to get her". So competent? I don't think that word is applicable here.

Anonymous said...

Is the vengeance Norman holds in his heart against Jonese and Beverage, because one arrested him and the other authorized his arrest, clouding his judgment? It appears that it has become an obsession for him.

Etater Moderator said...

Is Norman's "judgment" clouded? Nah. Don't think so. It's people like you that make him viable.

Anonymous said...

Any judge (or magistrate) must accept the simple fact that their job will INEVITABLY involve a certain level of exposure to possibly threatening and/or dangerous situations. Unfortunately, it's just an ugly part of their job--and their service to the community. Indeed, it just comes with the territory.

Let's face it--we don't live in a perfect world. And the "world" that a county magistrate must exist within here in West Virginia must certainly require a high degree of intestinal fortitude and a ton of personal courage. These, of course are qualities that ANY judge/magistrate must possess while serving within any jurisdiction.

If it's true that Kathy truly fears for her life while serving as one of our county's two magistrates, then perhaps she should simply resign and relieve herself of the corresponding anxieties. Perhaps then, she might discover some true peace within her life.

Here's a thought...

Perhaps Ms. Beverage's insecurities and/or panic attacks help to explain why our intrepid sheriff's department saw fit to toss out everyone's 4th amendment rights by installing illegal eavesdropping "cameras" in the Durbin magistrate's facility which provided streaming video and AUDIO feeds directly to the sheriff's own home???

After all, chief run amok has to protect his 11th deputy who serves as his free ride past all manners of due process and probable cause as he chases down his narcissistic need to garner favorable press in our klunky little Pritt Times.

Kathy Beverage and David Jonese must BOTH be voted out in May in order to put a stop to the mayhem, chaos, and injustice that so many of our county's fine citizens have been subjected to.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, we also need to send "BOB" back to Charleston.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to send Norman somewhere?? Jail for a start or a place for insane people. We must vote for Beverage and Jonese they are to honest people that we can trust. They have my vote. The only time I would vote for Norman is when he runs for the office of a fool. He is one.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that someone has called a fool a fool. At one time Norman was a respected man of the community now most people see him for what he has become--trouble-maker. People laugh at him-not with him. Kathy and Jonese get my vote. Can't leave my name or Norman would crucify me in this hate rag.

Anonymous said...

You have your head in the sand. If you think Kathy and Jonese are worthy you are ignorant. Idiots like you are what is wrong with this county. You must read the pritt times and believe it is the truth. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

So you must be one of the one then? lol

Anonymous said...

People like you and Norman like to call names and do cruel things. I'll have my laugh when Kathy wins this election and she will. I think you must have sand up your hiney.