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Thursday, August 16, 2012

We're having fun now!

A few decent contributors to the Commentator had a nice conversation last evening about the relatives of a certain sheriff and a former magistrate making lewd, explicit and personally attacking comments on here (Pocahontas County's premier site). Needless to say, those good people at the courthouse and relatives abroad, crawled out from under their rocks to defend Jonese, Beverage, Fleming, Saffer and Walton.

Since last night, I have found a barrage of those vitriol filled and explicit comments trying to be pushed through. Unfortunately for those trolls; they can't be posted. See, this blog has a nifty little feature. Once I, your humble moderator, mark someone's IP as being a spammer, google automatically black lists that comment-er as a troll........ a spammer.

Here's the funny part: Think of  the poor man being censored (an escorted out by an armed police officer) at the county commission meet just a few days ago. Think about the Arbovale gentleman being treated like a dog because he allegedly "ran a stop sign". Think about Norman being denied his freedom to visit his grandchild in Seattle because he was illegally arrested and detained by the sheriff's office and Kathy Beverage. Think about how all these people's rights were stolen. Then, think about how you feel because your comment won't be published. Do you like this feeling? Being voiceless? The shoe is most definitely on the other foot now isn't?

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Anonymous said...

Of course they hate it and I think its funny.They go post B.S. on topix when they get mad over not being able to post it here.They think it will get people to be on their side but it isnt working.Sadly the truth is out and all the lies and crying they do will not change the truth.