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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reader wants a little space on the Commentator.

Here we are again Moderator. Another disaster and another chance for the upper end of the county to be forgotten. I read Pam Pritt's feel good stories, about how everything was handled perfectly. I read that by candlelight though, according to Pam, all of the upper end had power restored quickly. Apparently, someone missed the memo that in reality; a great portion of the northern end of the county is still without power. 

I read Pam's stories or heroism from our county officials. Oddly enough, I have still yet to hear from any of them. I did see deputies Bradley Nelson and Brian Shinaberry at Trent's a few days ago. They are all though. 

I'm wondering where my county commission is located. I'm wondering where the emergency management crew is. I suppose they are still in Marlinton; sucking up every resource and dispensing to the Marlintonites greedily.

Apparently, the northern end of the county exists only when taxes are due and votes are needed. I've talked to many people the past few days. All are in favor of the upper end succeeding from Marlinton (AKA Pocahontas County). The petition will be circulating shortly. Will the etater support it?  

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